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this is a religious experience

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what if hannibal told cheesy jokes instead of implying cannibalism?

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Bi Facts


- Bisexuals are equipped with a tiny switch hidden on their person, the flipping of said switch changes them from gay to straight. If they upgrade to pansexual they get a dimmer switch.

- Bisexuals fear commitment as it might lead to the discovery of their secret superhero identities

- Bisexuals collect the tears of monosexuals they have deceived in glass vials - the more vials they have, the higher they rank in the community 

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Super Informative and accurate.

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Tom Hiddleston gets prepped to film scenes for ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 22, 2014 [HQ]

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do u know how hard it is to love a character that’s an asshole on a regular basis knowing that they’re an asshole and they’ve done asshole things but whenever u look at them u are just like. wow. u asshole. i love u. but u. are an asshole


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Nintendo Oui

c’est une métaphore

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Thanks to the food styling gods, the scene is held up a bit while Mads and the director discuss an alternative to the samurai egg master trick described in the script. They settle on a potato trick– it’s easier for the set dresser to pick up a slashed potato than it is to wipe smashed raw egg off everything after each take. So now, I have to find a couple dozen identically shaped potatoes and peel them for the knife trick. — œuf

We are more than a bit concerned with the Benihana egg trick called for in the script. I’ve tried it and can only get it 1 out of 4 tries, and I’ve seen Benihana chefs flub the manoeuver when they have an entire grill as target. Mads has to crack his eggs into a 8-inch diameter skillet. The props Master calls his guy. The Production Manager calls in his guy. I call my guy. On the morning of the shoot we have 8 dozen eggs and 3 Japanese chefs with their hands made up to be hand doubles. I guess I don’t have to tell you that when Mads arrives on set, I briefly describe the egg trick to him whereupon he just tosses an egg up in the air and breaks it perfectly on the spatula. Did it. Unbelievable. I insist it was a lucky fluke but he does it again. I accuse him of practicing when I wasn’t looking but he laughs (as if he has time to practise egg-cracking between scenes) and confesses he was a juggler in his youth.— mukozuke

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A starling? Quiet sheep?

*skeptically glares at Bryan Fuller*

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if you dont have a gay cousin then youre the gay cousin sorry to break it to you

but if none of your cousins have a gay cousin, then all of you are the gay cousin. Then you all have a gay cousin, so you aren’t necessarily a gay cousin. Then once again, you all don’t have a gay cousin.
You are all Schrodinger’s gay cousin, in a super positioned state of both being the gay cousin and not.


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There is something utterly hideous about the second picture.

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In some ways, the term “pansexual” came out of biphobia and a need to stipulate that one was not transphobic. If you take the binary view of “bisexual,” then a sexuality specific to an attraction to men and women could be seen as being noninclusive of transgender men and women. On the other hand, transgender men and women want to (and should) be seen as simply men and women, meaning that they would/should be included in that very binary; not including them tends to be much more phobic and noninclusive.

Then there is the thought that the binary view of bisexuality can be seen as phobic of anyone who identifies as genderqueer, or somewhere along the gender and sexuality spectrum, not identifying as male or female, man or woman. But, as I mentioned before, the true definition of “bisexual” is being attracted to those who are the same as me and those who are different from me, encompassing all genders and identities. The often-repeated argument that “bi means two” ignores a simple fact: “Same” and “different” are, indeed, two groups.

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